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About Mark T. Sadaka


Principal & Founder

Mark Sadaka is an accomplished trial lawyer regularly involved in nationally important litigation. Since the beginning of his career, Mr. Sadaka has fearlessly represented clients who were killed or seriously injured by the acts of others and corporations. He is nationally respected in complex litigation, profiled in numerous books, interviewed by newspapers and podcasts, and is a sought-after speaker. Mr. Sadaka only represents people who suffer life-changing injuries or financial losses.

Mark Sadaka has successfully represented individuals in catastrophic injury cases through trial. Examples of Mr. Sadaka’s work include successful recoveries for a man who suffered a brutal assault by a bouncer at a popular bar, a child who suffered brain damage caused by carbon monoxide poisoning due to a gas leak, lung damage caused by legionnaires’ disease, aggressive prostate cancer resulting in death caused by Avodart, and severe brain damage leaving a man quadriplegic caused by the drug Zostavax. In addition, Mr. Sadaka was the first ever to successfully prove that the Gardasil vaccine killed a 21-year-old woman, the first ever to link Gardasil to infertility, and the first to prove Gardasil can cause narcolepsy.

"Mr. Sadaka represents people hurt by defective drugs, medical devices, vaccines, exposure to hazardous chemicals, and other dangerous products. He also represents victims of corporate fraud."

It all started with his mother. In the 1970s, Mr. Sadaka’s mother began to smoke Virginia Slim cigarettes that were marketed towards women.  She decided to smoke but did not decide to become hooked on the nicotine Philip Morris put into the product to make her addicted. Mark Sadaka’s mother died of cigarette-induced lung cancer at the age of 51. That loss drives him in the work he does. He is motivated to defend those who suffer or die at the hands of others.

Mr. Sadaka graduated from Pennsylvania State University, where he won the Student Service Award for working with end-stage AIDs patients in an infectious disease department at a large hospital. Unfortunately, his mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer at the end of his senior year. That changed everything. After learning how Big Tobacco purposefully lied to the public to sell more of their products, Mr. Sadaka’s resolve to help those who cannot help themselves against the odds became all-consuming.

After Penn State, Mr. Sadaka went on to earn a Master of Science in Public Health degree from Tulane University’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. He specialized in toxicology and risk assessment. While at Tulane, he served as a science advisor for Tulane’s Environmental Law Clinic.

Mr. Sadaka earned his law degree from Washington University in St. Louis, where he served as an editor of the Journal of Law and Policy. During law school, he was designated as a public service scholar with the highest distinction for his commitment to public service.

Mark Sadaka created Sadaka Law with the express purpose of doing good things with the power of law – one case at a time.

Mr. Sadaka has a specialized medical background that has made him a leader and invaluable resource in the realm of medically complex cases. He was appointed co-lead counsel and co-science chair for a nationwide product liability lawsuit alleging that Zostavax caused serious injuries to people ages 50 years and older. He has represented thousands of people injured or financially harmed by the acts of others and corporations.

Mark Sadaka is well-known for his advocacy of socially important litigation. He is a tireless advocate of consumer rights and upholds the view that large corporations have a social responsibility of safety and integrity when conducting business. He is not afraid to take on corporations with nearly unlimited resources. Mr. Sadaka’s commitment to social justice has made him a leader in the courtroom.

Mr. Sadaka has lectured to other attorneys on complex product lawsuits around the country, including appearances at Mass Torts Made Perfect® and Harris Martin®. He has been interviewed by national newspapers. Mr. Sadaka has published several articles related to complex litigation, including e-discovery and the use of epidemiology in litigation. Other attorneys selected Mr. Sadaka for leadership positions in nationwide lawsuits involving defective products. Mr. Sadaka has received numerous academic and professional accolades.

When not working, Mr. Sadaka enjoys travel, skiing, fishing, and the outdoors. He is a proud father who enjoys time with his family.

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