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Vape Pen and e-Cig Explosions Attorney

While e-cigarettes are presumed to be safer than tobacco cigarettes due to the absence of a match and burning substances, that is not always the case.

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E-cigarettes have a battery component to operate that relies on a form of power. Anything that runs on batteries has the potential to be dangerous depending on the conditions in which it operates. If the battery degrades to a certain point or is operating at an elevated heat level, there is a possibility that the battery can catch fire or even explode. Either a faulty battery design or use in suboptimal conditions can cause the battery to fail or explode. Alternatively, damage to the battery can also cause danger. When that happens, users can suffer serious injury.

There have been numerous cases of users who have been injured or killed in e-cigarette explosions. The problem with these explosions is that they happen without warning and there is no way to guard against the serious injury that will result. While there are some steps that users can take to lessen the chance of explosion, they cannot always guarantee that the battery will be entirely safe, and there is always a risk that a seemingly innocuous product can cause severe injury.

E-Cig Vape Construction

Electronic cigarettes are not as simple as tobacco, a filter and a wrapper. Instead, there are numerous parts that operate in conjunction with one another in order to deliver the nicotine to the user. Here, there are a few parts that are relevant to the conditions that can cause an e-cigarette to explode. E-cigarettes begin with a button that activates the device. Then, the piece that activates everything is the mouthpiece. Puffing starts the process whereby the nicotine is heated and delivered to the mouthpiece. There is a battery at the other end of the e-cigarette which powers the process. It controls the microprocessor which sits on top of the heating element. This is a chamber in which the nicotine will be heated and delivered to the mouthpiece. The heating element sits near the cartridge that holds the nicotine.

Most e-cigarettes are constructed to take the form of a pen and resemble the feel of a cigarette. The cartridge is refillable or replaceable, depending on the system. The battery may also be removed and replaced with a different kind of battery. It is the replaceable battery in e-cigarettes which makes them more susceptible to explosion.

Electronic Cigarette Battery Explosion

E-cigarette battery explosion can occur in a variety of different circumstances. Many explosions occur while the product is actively being used. However, the battery can explode at other times as well, including during charging and even when the user is simply transporting around spare batteries in their pocket. Battery explosions can occur either because the product itself is defective or because the consumer is using the product not as it was intended. Many of the explosions and fires occur when the battery is in the process of charging. Some consumers use batteries that are not recommended by the manufacturer of the e-cigarette since they are able to swap out batteries and put in a different type. Charging itself can heat the battery beyond a safe temperature and can also cause an explosion.

One of the common causes of battery explosion is because the battery can be damaged when it is being carried in one’s pocket. The battery can come into contact with keys or another sharp object which can pierce the battery. It is the electrolyte in the battery that can cause extreme heat. This surge of heat can cause the e-cigarette turn into a type of rocket that can explode. Since the e-cigarette uses a lithium ion battery, the possibility of explosion is always present unless the system has numerous built-in safety safeguards to prevent an explosion. However, many users are youths who are trying to spend less money so they will buy a cheaper system that may not have all of the necessary safety features, thereby placing the user in more danger.

E-Cigarette Battery Failure

Lithium ion batteries are never fully effective or safe. First, they are not designed to last for eternity. After a certain period of time, they are no longer able to be charged. Not only do they lose functionality in extreme cold or heat, but the battery becomes corrupted as well. The dangers are even more pronounced in extreme heat.

When it comes to explosions, the main issue with the lithium ion battery is their construction. They have a positive and negative electrode that are separated by a thin sheet. Electrodes pass back and forth through the sheet. The problem is that the electrolytes are made out of liquid, which is highly flammable. When the battery overheats, this flammable liquid can ignite or explode.

E-Cig Battery Explosion Lawyers

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In most cases, e-cigarette batteries explode because there is either a design or manufacturing defect with the product. When that occurs, anyone who has been injured can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or the seller of the e-cigarette battery or the overall product. In order to file the lawsuit, you will need an attorney with experience in holding manufacturers accountable for defective products. The Law Offices of Sadaka Associates has experienced product liability lawyers that can help you receive compensation for injuries that you or a loved one have suffered in an e-cigarette battery explosion. Call them today to learn more.



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