Sex Discrimination

Six Pharmaceutical Companies in Hot Water After 20 States File Lawsuit for Alleged Price-Fixing

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In a recent lawsuit filed by the Attorney Generals of 20 different states against six major pharmaceutical companies, the states allege that the companies have been secretly conspiring to inflate prices on certain generic drugs. Connecticut, already having suspicion, began it’s own investigation in 2014. Over the next couple of years, what they have discovered has been more than they …

Why You Should Not Use Social Media When Involved in a Serious Personal Injury Case

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Social media is everywhere. From sharing photos on Instagram to stories on Snapchat, you can update your status to brag about a promotion or complain about heavy traffic on Facebook. Almost three-quarters of all adults with a computer and internet access use at least one social media platform regularly. Many use social media to promote their business, to share their …


Worst Defective Products of 2016

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When consumers purchase products, it’s assumed they will be made as safe as possible. However, that is not always the case. More and more, products from virtually every category are found to be defective, leading to injuries and sometimes death. When this happens, those affected by the manufacturer’s negligence turn to attorneys skilled in handling incidents involving defective products. As …

Sex Discrimination

How to Cash In On Class-Action Lawsuits

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When it comes to class-action lawsuits, many people think there is little chance they will see any compensation by being a participant. However, when you happen to receive a letter or postcard in the mail asking if you want to participate in a class-action suit, don’t be so quick to toss it in the trashcan. Instead, there are several tips …

Lawmakers Searching For A Workers Comp Cure

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The worker’s compensation program was established by Congress as the legal guideline and benefit application for injured workers across the nation, but the federal government stopped short of making it a federal oversight operation. Each state was delegated the responsibility to design the workers comp program according to the needs of the state, which has contributed significantly to the confusion …

4 Things to Know About Employment Disputes

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When it comes to employers and employees, it’s natural that from time to time a disagreement may arise. Whether it’s a work schedule, overtime pay, or an issue such as sexual harassment or racial discrimination, when these employment disputes occur, many factors must be considered. In many cases, an employee may be terminated or pressured to drop any complaints they …

Selling Schools on a Defective Product: FieldTurf

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Concerns continue to increase about the risk of cancer to millions of athletes and children from the 12,000 artificial turf surfaces in use across the country. The crumb rubber pellets from recycled tires used on some artificial surfaces are particularly worrisome. The pellets are distributed between artificial blades of grass that are woven into the surface of the material that …

How Does a Class Action Lawsuit Begin?

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Class action lawsuits can be filed by customers who have reason to believe they have been the victim of a business engaged in fraudulent tactics. These customers need to come together because class action lawsuits are joint activities by their fundamental nature. They begin when individuals seek out others who have suffered from similar deceptions by the business in question. …

Is Insulin the New EpiPen?

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Recent news stories about dramatic increases in the price of EpiPens, used to counteract severe allergic reactions, have caused alarm among consumers who depend on this drug to keep themselves and their children alive. Other drugs are also seeing excessive price increases, a disturbing development for those who regularly use these medications to maintain their health. Insulin, a drug that …