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How Long Do Settlements Take? What You Need to Know

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident or slip-and-fall incident, you probably wonder when that settlement check will arrive. How long does a settlement take? The short answer is that it depends on the specifics of your case. An attorney discusses the settlement process timeline in detail below. Typical Timelines for Different Types of Settlements The timeline for settlements

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Do Men or Women Get in More Car Accidents?

Whether as a lighthearted joke or in the context of a heated discussion, it’s a debate you’ve likely encountered before: Who has more car accidents: men or women? The truth is that bad and good driving skills cut across genders, age groups, and regions. However, when you look at the statistics, some general patterns emerge. This post will cover gender

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Learn More About Dog Bite Lawsuit Liability

Were you bitten by a dog recently? During your recovery, you might consider filing a dog bite injury claim to cover the medical bills, lost wages, and other costs you may be facing. According to the CDC, about 4.5 million Americans sustain dog bites each year, giving rise to almost 340,000 emergency room visits. Dog bite incidents also force nearly

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How To File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in New Jersey: A Guide

Despite our efforts to stay safe, accidents happen every day. A commercial truck may collide with your car on your way home from work. You might trip down a broken stairway at a hotel. A neighborhood dog on the loose could severely hurt your child. In many cases, injury victims heal relatively quickly, and insurance covers the costs of the

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How to Process Disability Benefits in New Jersey

If you’re so disabled that you can no longer work, consider applying for disability benefits in New Jersey. These benefits serve as a lifeline for those struggling to pay for housing, food, and other necessities. The path to approval for disability benefits can be long and complicated. Below, you’ll learn about different disability benefits programs, eligibility requirements, how to apply,

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What the New Jersey Product Liability Act Means for You

Here’s a story for you: Andrew purchases a new hair dryer. When he uses the product, it becomes so hot that it catches fire. Andrew suffers serious burns and loses a few of his belongings in the fire. Can he recover damages? The answer is likely yes, thanks to the New Jersey Product Liability Act. Below, learn more about the

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How To File a Workers’ Comp Claim in New Jersey

Workers’ compensation is a critical resource for anyone injured on the job. It provides an injured worker with an avenue to cover their medical bills. However, the process of filing a claim can be a little tricky. Understanding how to file a workers’ comp claim requires knowing the steps and what can impact the process along the way. Steps To

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man suffering with whiplash injury after car accident

Different Back Injuries from Car Accidents: A Comprehensive Guide

Here’s a common scenario on our New Jersey roads: it’s rush hour, and everyone’s trying to head home as quickly as possible. Suddenly, a car or truck slams into the back of another vehicle. The driver suffers back injuries so serious that they can no longer work. If you can empathize with the victim in this story, you’re probably here

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employee reporting wrongdoing to the manager

Reporting Wrongdoing Within a Company in New Jersey

It is nice to think that everyone you work with is ethical and law-abiding, always acting in the best interests of their fellow employees and customers. However, this is not always the case. Occasionally, an employee witnesses processes or actions within their company that are illegal, unethical, and corrupt. Reporting wrongdoing may seem like the best thing to do in

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worker injured in machine accident while working

When To Get a Lawyer for Work Injury Accidents

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries occur each year, so if you’ve been injured on the job, you’re not alone. The first question someone who’s injured asks is usually whether they should get an attorney. The short answer is that it depends, though it never hurts to call one and explore your options. This

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A Guide to Workers’ Compensation NJ Rules

Have you suffered a head injury or slipped and fallen at work? If so, you’re not alone. In 2022, more than 2.8 million people had to take time away from their jobs due to a work-related injury or illness. Many of those would have been in dire financial straits if not for workers’ compensation. Workers’ comp serves as a lifeline

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how to claim insurance after a bike accident

Navigating Cycling Accident Claims: A Complete Guide

If you were injured in a cycling accident, you have the right to file an insurance claim and potentially a lawsuit against the driver who hit you. When correctly navigated, cycling accident claims can help you recover losses from medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and suffering. Below, our cycling accident attorneys from Sadaka Law discuss everything you need to

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How Long Does a Personal Injury Lawsuit Take?

According to the CDC, there are 39.5 million personal injury cases that result in medical treatment each year. From this vast number, only a fraction of them result in personal injury claims where the injured party alleges that they should be reimbursed for lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses due to another party’s negligence. When a personal injury claim

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10 Hazardous Chemicals in Consumer Products

Today, it’s hardly possible to live without being exposed to harmful chemicals in household goods, food, water, and the air. Once you know the common toxins in everyday products, you can protect your health by choosing safer products and limiting your contact with dangerous substances. The following list of toxic chemicals in everyday products will help you lower your exposure

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What Are Large Blind Spots On Trucks Called in a Case?

A truck’s blind spot is called “no-zone.” This no-zone area describes where the traffic becomes invisible to the truck driver’s position without deliberate actions to see into those blind spots. It might not be a commonly voiced question, but what are large blind spots on trucks called? Perhaps, a more important consideration is not the name given to these dangerous

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bicycle on a city cycle lane

The Bicyclist Rules of the Road: Your Guide to Biking Safely

Riding a bicycle can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. It’s an excellent way to exercise, enjoy nature, and take a break from the stress of daily life. That said, it’s important to understand the bicyclist rules of the road to stay safe. Should you stay in the rightmost lane while riding? What right-of-way rules do you need to follow? How

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personal injury lawyer signing legal documents

Pursuing Damages for Personal Injury Claims: A Guide

You can file a personal injury claim if the negligent actions of someone else cause you harm. Although personal injury claims are often the result of a car or truck accident, you can also file them for slips and falls, medical malpractice, dog bites, and much more. There are three different types of damages for personal injury that you can

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car park on sidewalk involve in hit and run accident

The Penalty for a Hit-and-Run With No Injuries: What You Should Know

Car accidents are frightening events, even if no one sustains injuries. Perhaps someone hit another driver, and while the other vehicle sustains only minor damage, the at-fault party panics and flees. Or maybe someone hit a parked vehicle and drove away without leaving contact information. A hit-and-run is a serious crime, even if no one was hurt. The penalty for

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emergency response team helping injured woman

Can You Collect Unemployment Benefits If You Are Injured Off the Job?

When unexpectedly injured, it can interfere with almost every facet of your life, including your job. If you have a physically intensive job, an injury can take you out of work for an extended period. If this sounds like you, you might wonder: Can you collect unemployment if you are injured off the job? If you were injured off the

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physical injury to the head of a construction worker

Everything You Need To Know About Head Injury Claims

Suffering a head injury after a car accident, slip and fall accident, or another type of personal injury can be devastating. Head injuries often leave lasting damage, impacting a person’s livelihood and well-being long-term. Even minor head injuries that do eventually heal can come with a significant amount of medical bills and ongoing expenses that make it challenging to move

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