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Experienced Slip and Fall Attorney in Bergenfield, NJ

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Although it may not seem like it, slip and fall injuries are serious and, in some cases, fatal. According to the CDC, one out of five falls results in traumatic injuries such as brain damage or broken bones.

Slip and fall injuries also resulted in $50 billion in medical bills in 2015 alone. Furthermore, according to OSHA, slip and fall injuries lead to 700 deaths per year in the workplace.

Being a victim of a slip and fall injury can create problems that you would never have thought possible. Though many falls result in minor damage, some can cause detrimental harm that may take months to fix. Some injuries may even cause permanent damage.

If someone’s negligence caused your slip and fall injury, you might be entitled to compensation. That’s why you should hire a slip and fall attorney in Bergenfield, NJ, to review your case and fight for your rights.

Keep reading to learn more about slip and fall injuries and the benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney in Bergenfield.

Guide on What to Do in the Event of an Injury in Bergenfield

If you have sustained a slip and fall injury, the priority is to seek out medical attention. It is essential to ensure your safety before filing reports or gathering documentation for your case.

Then, work to collect as much evidence as possible. To prove negligence in court and therefore receive compensation, you must establish that the negligence of a manager, governing body, or property owner caused your injury.

Some examples of negligence include

  •       The local Bergenfield government failed to clean up an icy part of the city in the winter
  •       A restaurant didn’t clean up a spill that you slipped on
  •       Your company has not established proper safety measures or guidelines, resulting in a slip and fall
  •       A nursing home staff member left your loved one unattended when they should have been on duty

You can prove negligence in these cases with the right set of evidence. Examples of evidence include photos of the site where you fell, copies of the company or governmental policy, medical examinations or bills with dates close to the incident, witnesses, etc.

Thus, start collecting paperwork immediately when you experience a slip and fall accident. This includes filling out an accident report form or filing a complaint with the party that you wish to blame as soon as possible. If there were police on the scene, ask for copies of their report as well.

After you have sorted through the first steps of this confusing process, contact a slip and fall attorney in Bergenfield, NJ. In the state of New Jersey, you have two years from the date of your accident to file a claim with the courts. Thus, time is of the essence to build your case.

How Can an Attorney Help Me?

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Personal injury lawyers help guide you on what steps to take next. For example, you should not contact your insurance company before getting a lawyer. Not only can your recorded or signed statements count as evidence, but the insurance company may try to trick you out of money.

Attorneys will also provide you with much-needed advice throughout the process of filing your claim and taking your case to court. For example, an experienced attorney would advise you to refrain from posting on social media. The other party can use these posts as evidence against you.

Finally, slip-and-fall attorneys can alleviate stress. By dealing with paperwork and sorting through the evidence for you, we allow you to focus on either getting better or helping your loved one through the recovery process.

Types Of Slip and Fall Cases That Lawyers Accommodate

Lawyers accommodate all of the following slip and fall injuries:

  •       Broken or fractured bones
  •       TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)
  •       Concussions
  •       Spinal or back injuries
  •       Torn tendons or ligaments
  •       Head injuries
  •       Etc.

If you have reason to believe a third party caused any of your injuries, a personal injury law firm can help.

After decades of experience in personal injury cases, the associates at Sadaka Law understand that your case is unique. There are thousands of possibilities that could have led to your injury, and we handle each case with that in mind.

Bergenfield Laws Related to Slip and Fall Cases

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The most important Bergen County, NJ law regarding slip and fall cases is the Premises Liability Law. This law indicates that the property owner must maintain suitable safety practices on their property to promote the well-being of their visitors.

To use this law in a case, you must first prove that the owner was aware of potential danger. Then, you must provide evidence that they did not try to prevent it despite their knowledge of the danger. Thus, their carelessness resulted in your fall and injury.

This law is easier to prove on commercial or government properties. However, in specific situations, you can use the premises liability law to argue a case about an incident that occurred on a residential property.

Qualities of a Great Slip and Fall Injury Attorney in Bergenfield, NJ

The top three qualities of a successful slip and fall injury attorney are:

  •       Ample experience in personal injury cases: Though an inexperienced personal injury lawyer may have lower prices, their lack of experience could cost you a favorable verdict. It’s better to trust an attorney with years of experience in personal injury cases. These lawyers understand the intricacies of this process and know how to deal with paperwork and prosecution effectively.
  •       Good reviews: Positive reviews on both the attorney’s website and third-party sites, like Google, prove that other clients have felt satisfied with this attorney’s work. Be sure to consider other clients’ opinions when choosing a lawyer.
  •       Care for their clients: Successful personal injury attorneys take time to get to know their clients. The attorney you have contacted should be friendly and listen attentively during the initial discourse regarding your case.

Why Choose Sadaka Law as Your Slip and Fall Injury Attorney?

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When you choose Sadaka Law for your case, you invest not only in our associates’ 30 years of combined experience but also in a firm that prioritizes justice. Due to his personal experience of losing a loved one, Mark Sadaka sympathizes with his clients and does everything in his power to help them.

He and his law partner, Michael H. Bowman, feel driven to fight for justice for victims. They believe in tenaciously supporting their clientele throughout the claim process, even if the case goes to the supreme court.

Sadaka and Bowman have recovered $100 million in damages for their clients. We are so confident in Sadaka and Bowman’s skills that you don’t have to pay a dime until you win your case. We charge a contingency fee based on the amount won upon getting a favorable verdict.

Contact an Experienced Slip and Fall Attorney in Bergenfield, NJ

If you believe that you have wrongfully sustained an injury, contact a trustworthy slip and fall attorney in Bergenfield, NJ. Call Sadaka Law at 1 (800) 810-3457 or fill out our convenient online form for your free consultation today.



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