New Jersey Bicycle Accident Lawyer

While bicycles are many New Jersey residents' favorite form of exercise and leisure, they can also be extremely dangerous. If you experience a bicycle accident in New Jersey, you may suffer severe injuries, time away from work, and significant medical bills.

If you were involved in a bike accident and seeking compensation for your injuries, you need to speak to a New Jersey bike accident attorney. By contacting our team at Sadaka Associates, you can rest assured you have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side.

We provide guidance for our clients and help them negotiate with third parties, insurers, and other individuals or companies liable for damages. If a settlement cannot be reached, we're here to help you argue your case in court.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Many cyclists understand the dangers of distracted and aggressive drivers in the state of New Jersey. Evidence suggests that bicycle injuries and deaths are rapidly increasing in the state.

So, what causes bike accidents? Here are some common sources of cycle accidents in New Jersey:

  1. Drivers: Cars pose one of the biggest threats to cyclists in New Jersey. If a vehicle collides with a bicyclist at full speed, injuries can be fatal.
  2. Poor Road Quality: Unfortunately, it's a reality that many roads in New Jersey have potholes and other obstructions that can lead to accidents. If you're traveling fast on a bicycle, it can be next to impossible to avoid some of these obstacles.
  3. Rider Mistakes: In some cases, you might be at complete fault for an accident. If you're not paying attention to the road, you may quickly find yourself in a bad situation. Always remain aware of your surroundings when riding a bicycle.
  4. Other Cyclists and Pedestrians: Lastly, other cyclists can also cause problems. If you're cycling in an area that's populated with bicyclists, then you might end up in a collision with another rider.

Problems That Can Arise from Bicycle Accidents

If you've never been involved in a bike accident, you probably don't realize how severe the injuries can be. Below, let's explore some common injuries associated with bike accidents in New Jersey:

a bike accident
  1. Fatalities: Unfortunately, there are several cycling fatalities each year in the state of New Jersey, with over 15 reported in 2015 alone. This proves how critical it is to be safe on the roads.
  2. Head Injuries: Head injuries are another severe problem associated with bicycle accidents and falls. This can cause lifelong issues for cycling accident victims.
  3. Broken Bones and Spinal Injuries: The impact of a cycling accident can easily result in broken bones and spinal injuries.
how frequently are bikes hit by cars


Bicycling is a great way to get in shape and stay healthy, save on gas money, and help the environment by reducing pollution. But distracted and aggressive drivers make biking a dangerous sport, especially on a busy road. Continue Reading

What to Do if You're in a Bicycle Accident

If you're in a bicycle accident, it's essential to follow careful protocols directly after the incident.

woman calling emergency hotline after seeing a bicycle accident
a bike left in the road after a bicycle accident
  1. Make sure that you and anyone else involved in the accident are okay.
  2. Remove yourself from any road or thoroughfare that will leave you exposed to further injury.
  3. Contact emergency services if anyone appears injured.
  4. Contact the police to make a police report if a third-party is involved.
  5. Request the contact details of anyone else involved, including any witnesses.
  6. Contact an attorney to ensure you follow the correct steps.

If you need more advice about the correct steps to take in the aftermath of an accident, please call Sadaka Associates for more information. We're always here to help our clients.

Why You Need a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

If you've been in a small car accident that only resulted in slight property damage, you probably don't need a lawyer to handle the insurance claim for you. However, in more serious accidents with severe consequences, having a personal injury lawyer can have a significant impact on the success and amount of your settlement.
Insurance companies are always reluctant to pay out claims since it affects their bottom line. Many companies resort to underhanded tricks and rely on people's trust to minimize the amount of money they have to pay. A good lawyer is aggressive enough to stand up to these companies and fight for your right to fair compensation.
When you've been in a serious accident, the last thing you want to think about is a personal injury claim. By working with a lawyer, you can focus on your recovery while your legal team takes care of everything else. Having a lawyer on your side means that you have someone who will fight for your rights and can navigate the legal landscape to make sure your rights are protected.

Call us today to find out he can help you!

Common Mistakes Individuals Make After Bicycle Accidents

Here are the most common mistakes people make after experiencing a bicycle accident:

  1. Not Contacting a Bicycle Attorney: If you don't contact a bicycle attorney when your accident happens, it's easy to make mistakes that can cost you your compensation.
  2. Committing to Rushed Agreements or Signing Waivers: If someone attempts to make you sign an agreement, don't proceed without contacting an attorney. Many insurance companies do this to avoid compensation.
  3. Not Requesting Witness and Third-Party Details: If you don't request the details of other third parties or witnesses, you might not be able to corroborate evidence or seek compensation.

Hiring a New Jersey Bike Accident Lawyer

If you're planning on hiring a lawyer to seek compensation or damages for a bicycle accident in New Jersey, it's essential to choose an attorney with personal injury experience. A personal injury attorney will understand how to collect information, process the accident details, and seek compensation from third parties and insurers. If you don't have experience with personal injury negotiation or litigation, it's critical to seek an attorney’s advice.

At Sadaka Associates, our team has more than a decade of experience helping our clients seek compensation for personal injuries. If you're concerned about contacting an attorney with experience in this area of law, it's time to call our office.

Bicycle Accident Attorney FAQs

If you're the victim of a cycling accident, you might have further questions about the process of seeking compensation. Let's explore some common questions we receive from clients:


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