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Popular Belt for Kids Poses Health Risk

Popular Belt for Kids Poses Health RiskWhen buying clothes for our kids, we are sometimes unaware of the accessories that come along with the purchase and the dangers they may pose to our kids. A popular style was used when George Hearne, an eleven-year-old boy after he had tied the D-ring belt around his neck while playing a game with his younger brother.

Reason for the Belt Warning

Coroner Ian Arrow is issuing a warning against the popular kids belt stating that they are too difficult to loosen once the belt is tied tight. George’s mom previously had issues with the belt saying, “We have noticed sometimes with the kids that the belts are quite hard to undo,” adding, “Sometimes you just have to leave them done up and pull the trousers off.” After tying the belt around his neck, there was little chance of George loosening it once it was tight around his neck.

The Kids Belt Can Lead to Death

After being made aware that her son was “playing asleep and wouldn’t wake up,” George’s mother discovered blood and marks around his neck along with the belt on the floor nearby as she entered his room. After desperately trying to revive her son while waiting for the ambulance, the coroner found that George had already died before the ambulance arrived at the residence.

It is agreed George died after the belt restricted his airway which substantially stopped his breathing. What happened to George could easily happen to any kid who comes in contact with these potentially dangerous belts. George’s mother agrees with the coroner’s warning stating the design of the belt is not fit for kids and poses numerous dangers. While also adding, “We hope other parents will learn from what happened to us.”



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