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Parents Concerned as Fourth Child is Diagnosed with Cancer While Attending CA School with Cell Phone Tower on Campus


U.S. citizens would like to think that products released on the market for the general public would function as indicated by the manufacturers. Not only do all individuals assume that governmental protections are in place, but many corporations and organizations actually rely on this assumption when designing facilities. Schools are clearly part of this group of entities relying on proper testing of any product or device incorporated in a facility or campus design, especially when they control activities as general as cell phone usage. But, have we really questioned the true safety of devices such as cell phones and communication towers for long-term personal damage? According to the American Cancer Society, studies on cell phone towers have been severely limited. Short-term injury claims are practically non-existent, but that does not mean that regular long-term passive exposure could not result in serious medical problems for some victims. That scenario is exactly what is being claimed by parents of an elementary student in Ripon, California.

Early Diagnosed Cases

Legal action has recently been filed in California regarding a student who has been diagnosed with brain cancer. The physician claims the cancer is clearly the result of a primary “environmental” factor, which has many parents concerned for the safety of the their children as they attend the school in question. Another student has also developed a tumor wrapped around his liver, which was not identified until a bump appeared on his stomach. Four students in total have developed tumors over the past ten years that one particular cell phone tower has existed on the focused elementary school campus, which is under contract with Sprint telecommunications company for another 15 years. Sprint says they intend to hold the school to the contract, and parents of the students are mobilizing to have it removed. 

Problematic Expansion

The fact that these serious medical issues could be the result of merely being in the proximity of the tower presents the absolute possibility that all of the students could suffer similar reactions. In fact, this problem could easily result in multiple class action legal filings if it can be proven in court the tower is indeed the primary culprit. Cell phone towers are usually located in more remote areas, but the addition of new towers in closer range of human activity means that this could blossom into a very serious issue across the nation and include several corporations. 

Legal Remedies

Once one case is proven in court, there could be a flood of claims filed based on medical problems that were never attributed to cell tower proximity. The lack of testing conducted on tower safety is clearly an industrial problem. Not only will claims be filed retroactively, they will be a primary investigation item when medical issues arise under similar conditions for everyone. All plaintiffs should prepare for a strong defense against the defective and intrusive product claims because this could impact the entire cell phone industry that is fundamental to contemporary society. The fact that children are being affected is even more troubling, but it makes sense when we consider the fact that they are still developing new cells that could be more readily damaged than with adults. Placement of cell phone towers will assuredly receive more scrutiny in the future, and legal action could become common place. 

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