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Defective Products to Avoid This Holiday Season


No matter how safe most products are today, there are always some found to be defective once offered to consumers. Unfortunately, many products are purchased as gifts for the holiday season, with people believing they are giving a friend or family member something special. However, in many cases something unexpected happens, which can lead to injuries or even death. To learn more about various types of potentially defective products, here is information about some that should probably be avoided during the holidays.

Youth Bicycles

While most children’s bicycles are safe, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has red-flagged certain ones that have apparent defects. One of the most common has been the Avigo Turn ‘n Burn Youth Bicycles, which have been found to have possible problems with their front wheels. According to the CPSC, incidents have been reported where the front wheel detached, leaving riders with various injuries. To see if your bike is under recall, check the serial number. If it is 8107-62, return it to the place of purchase.

Children’s Kitchen Appliances

For many children, getting toy kitchen appliances such as ovens and toasters is a great way to practice their future cooking skills. However, some of these items have been viewed as causing possible problems with small children. For example, the “Just Like Home” toy toaster sets are thought to have possible choking hazards associated with them. In testing, when the items are placed under pressure, the plastic toast included with the toaster has in some cases exploded, leaving behind small, sharp pieces.

Ceiling Fans

If there is one thing that feels very refreshing on a warm summer day, it’s sitting underneath a ceiling fan. However, if the fan is not made properly or installed correctly, injuries can result. Based on findings and reports from consumers, Monte Carlo brand ceiling fans have been recalled by the CPSC. According to the agency, brackets connected to the fan blades have broken in some instances, causing the fan blades to fall and hit consumers in the head at high rates of speed, causing cuts, bruises, and in some cases concussions. As of now, about 3,400 ceiling fans are under recall. To find out if your fan is among those affected, contact the manufacturer or the store where the fan was purchased.


While the vast majority of clothing sold to consumers meets all federal safety standards, there are instances when some items are found to have certain risks associated with them. Currently, one item under recall is the Todd Snyder Sweatshirt, which poses a burn risk to consumers due to its failure to meet flammability standards for textiles. Only about 2,100 of these shirts are under the recall, and consumers returning their shirts will receive a full refund along with a $50 gift card.

While these examples may sound as if all products are potentially defective, the fact is a very small percentage of consumer products are ever recalled. Because of this, shoppers looking for the perfect holiday gift should have little cause to worry about whatever they buy for family or friends. However, it’s best to remember that if you do happen to discover a product you purchased is facing a recall, don’t ignore the warnings. Return it to store or manufacturer, and find another gift your recipient will enjoy.

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