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GM to Recall Chevrolet Cruze and More

General Motors has initiated yet another recall pertaining to their Chevrolet Cruze vehicles after stopping shipments to dealers without explanation.

GM reported that they are recalling 172,000 Cruzes due to the faulty right front-axle shafts that may fracture and separate without warning during normal driving.

GM also recalled 490,200 pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles in separate actions. The company stated that there have not been any crashes or injuries related to the problems.

GM Recalls Chevrolet Cruze And More

In September the Cruze was recalled previously for the same problem which GM blamed on the supplier. However, the replacement shafts still pose a threat and will be repaired again.

GM issued a delivery halt to all dealers, which said they can sell cars but cannot distribute them to buyers until the recall issue is resolved.

In addition to the Cruze recall, GM issued a recall for its newest pick- up trucks and SUVs due to a loose oil line that could potentially be a fire hazard.

GM also added 907,700 vehicles to its defective ignition switch recall linked to 13 deaths and 31crashes.

In the last two months GM has recalled 4.8 million vehicles.

Safety Group Calls For U.S. Investigation of Chevy Impala Air Bags recall

2.6 million cars were recalled by GM  for faulty ignition switches that caused airbags to deactivate. Te ignition switch problem may also have contributed to a defect in the air bags of the 2003-2010 model year Chevrolet Impalas.

The Center for Auto Safety, said the computer code that determines when an air bag deploys in an accident may improperly turn off the air bag if the passenger bounces in his or her seat before the accident.

Air bags are not designed to deploy when a passenger’s weight is below a certain amount, and a bouncing motion even when a person is wearing a seat belt can reduce the weight registered.

There were  143 fatalities in front-impact crashes in 2000-2010 model year Impalas in which the airbags did not deploy.

Clarence Ditlow, the center’s executive director, said in a letter, “We call on NHTSA to examine each of the fatal non-deployment crashes to determine whether the air bag should have been deployed and why it didn’t.”

A NHTSA investigation could ultimately lead to yet another recall for GM.



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