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Graco Recalls 3.7 million Children’s Car Seats

According to Graco’s website 3.7 million car seats are being recalled. The recall has affected 12 models of car seats produced between 2009-2013.

The models include the following:

  • Toddler Convertible Car SeatsGraco Recalls 3_7 Million Car Seats
    • Cozy Cline
    • Comfort Sport
    • Classic Ride 50
    • My Ride 70
    • My Ride 65 with safety surround
    • Size4Me 70
    • My size 70
    • Head Wise 70 with safety surround
    • Ready ride
    • Smart seat
    • Smart seat with safety surround
  • Harnessed Booster Seats
    • Nautilus 3-in-1
    • Nautilus Elite
    • Nautilus Plus
    • Argos 70
    • Argos 70 Elite


Why Are Graco’s Car Seats Being Recalled?

The National Highway Traffic Administration conducted an investigation in February of 2013 and found numerous instances in which the harness buckle was difficult to remove.

Authorities say, Graco received 6,100 consumer complaints regarding how difficult it was to remove the safety strap.

The investigation revealed that of the 135 consumer complaints, 14 resorted to cutting the harness straps and four removed the car seat from the vehicle with the child still strapped in.

The NHTA decided that the buckles definitely posed a safety risk in post-crash scenarios that require children to be pulled from the car quickly.

What Does Graco Say About It?

The company suggests that the complaints are not a safety related problem. They say the spilling of food and liquids may make the harness buckles more difficult to open over time.­­­

“Graco would like to stress this does not in any way affect the performance of the car seat or the effectiveness of the buckle to restrain the child,” the company said.






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