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HPV vaccine lawyer Mark Sadaka meets with 11 Japanese Attorneys

Mark Sadaka met with 11 attorneys from Japan who represent 125 women suffering serious injuries resulting from Gardasil. The attorneys sought out Mr. Sadaka for his knowledge and expertise in litigating these cases. Mr. Sadaka is the first and only attorney to successfully prove that the HPV vaccine caused the death of 21-year-old Christina Tarsell.

Less than a month after receiving the third Gardasil vaccine, Christina Tarsell died at the age of 21-years-old. Christina was an athlete and she lived 20-years without any physician, nurse, or physician’s assistant finding any evidence or noting any symptom suggestive of an arrhythmia. Christina suffered from a Gardasil-induced cardiac arrhythmia caused by the development of auto antibodies to the calcium channel. Calcium is one of several electrolytes that regulate cardiac conduction. Changes in calcium within the heart cell can lead to cardiac arrhythmia.

Click here to read the two decisions: Decision 1 and Decision 2 

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This article was written by Mark Sadaka, a seasoned trial lawyer in nationally significant cases. He fearlessly champions clients impacted by fatal or severe injuries caused by others or corporations. Renowned for his expertise in complex litigation, he's featured in books, sought after by media for interviews, and a highly sought speaker. Notably, he exclusively represents individuals facing life-changing injuries or substantial financial losses.

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