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Indiana Faces $1 Billion Class-Action Lawsuit Over Trucking Fees


A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the state of Indiana regarding the illegal collection of more than $1 billion in trucker fees. Truckers across the nation are a part of the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit filed in Marion County Superior Court, The Indiana Department of Revenue is accused of illegally collecting Unified Registration Carrier Fees from truckers all over the nation. Under Indiana law, the trucking fees were not authorized.

The opposite side of the lawsuit is Gov. Eric Holcomb’s Administration — specifically, Indiana Department of Revenue Commissioner Adam Krupp.

A revenue department spokesperson declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The Class-Action Trucking Fees Lawsuit Could Have High Stakes

Forty-one states have their fees and registrations handled by the Unified Carrier Registration Plan. The federally mandated plan allows truckers to pay just once as opposed to several times in different states.

According to plaintiffs, the state collects over $100 million a year in fees from 400,000 truckers. A number of factors determine the price of the fee: fleet size, form of payment and truck’s home base. They argue that if these fees were collected without the approval of the Indiana government, then truckers are entitled to refunds.

In recent months, the state of Indiana had already settled two class-action lawsuits over the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles overcharging drivers. Through settlements and refunds, the BMV admitted to $115 in overcharges over 15 years.

The group behind the current lawsuit is the controversial transportation industry leader James Lamb. He was recently hit with a Federal Trade Commission complaint for tricking small transportation companies into paying millions of dollars by fraudulently asserting his organization was associated with the government.

Lamb has filed a counter-suit against the Federal Communications Commission claiming that his trucking materials factually stated that the companies were third party. He also says that his culpability is grossly overstated and exaggerated.

Lamb has also created a Facebook Page called “Truckers Lives Matter,” a group page where truckers can post and receive information about the goings on in the trucking industry. He is also the author of the Mike’s Law Bill in recognition of trucker Michael Boeglin, who was shot and killed in his truck while working in Detroit.

Individuals who would like to join the suit and receive a fee refund may do so by downloading the application form on While many truckers are open to the possibility of receiving a refund, they are not particularly happy with the presence of James Lamb at the helm. Lamb is considered a lightening rod with far too much baggage.

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