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Hazardous Household Chemicals Dangerous to Pregnant Women

Household ChemicalsPregnant women are given advice on how to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy and are often told that smoking and drinking can pose possible danger to the baby. However, guidance on some of the chemicals pregnant women potentially come in contact with is lacking.

According to the March of Dimes website, it is extremely important to keep the environment safe from things that can harm pregnant women.

Protecting You and Your Baby

Pregnant women are exposed to a large number of household chemicals through household cleaning products and personal care products such as moisturizer, showers gels, and sun screens, but also food and drink.

Most people don’t know this because it is not forced upon manufacturers to address these harmful household chemicals on the product label because they are used in a lose dose

By reducing the consumption of foods in cans/ plastic containers, and minimizing the use of personal care products, it can help keep mother and child safe.

The more fresh foods and organic personal care products available, the less risk a pregnant woman has of harming her child.

Avoiding Harmful Household Chemicals

Household cleaners, insect repellant, and air fresheners are extremely harmful to inhale.

To avoid the risk of inhaling these chemicals during pregnancy switch to less toxic alternatives such as organic cleaners like vinegar in place of bleach, and baking soda to clean the titles.

Using organic personal care products are much safer than using body washes that are made with certain chemicals. These chemicals can seep through the skin and possibly cause harm.

Another harmful chemical that may cause harm to mother and child is lead. By filtering tap water at home this can decrease the amount of lead consumption.




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