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[x_blockquote cite=”Mark T. Sadaka” type=”left”]When a client chooses to work with us, they’re getting a dedicated partner who will be their advocate during one of the most trying times of their life.[/x_blockquote]Sadaka Associates is a law firm that provides a voice for individuals injured by companies or products. Sadaka helps people who have been exposed to environmental pollutants, prescribed dangerous drugs, or have been injured by faulty equipment at work.

Sadaka Associates litigates personal injury lawsuits with purpose.

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My background includes an educational focus in science and medicine. I spent my entire educational career looking and focusing and studying medicine and different aspects of science. That all changed when my mother was diagnosed with cigarette induced lung cancer. It was at that point I decided to become a passionate advocate for individuals hurt by products.


Admitted in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, Sadaka Associates has helped individuals across the United States by providing a voice for people injured by companies with nearly unlimited resources.


We can help those who are exposed to environmental pollutants and develop cancer or those who are injured from a defective forklift or even those who are prescribed a dangerous medication. And we are proficient; we are a science and law hybrid that understands the context of these medically and scientifically complicated cases. For example, I taught myself virology to litigate a case.


Sadaka Associates has successfully represented consumers in class actions, helped over 150 people injured by vaccines, recovered millions in compensation for people injured by dangerous products.


We had the experience in handling these complicated law suits which are entirely different than any other personal injury lawsuit. I have seen and I continue to see the bad acts of corporate America damage people.


Sadaka Associates is passionate, experienced, proficient.


We use the phrase ‘litigation with purpose’ to embody the passion we feel for our clients. It takes a tremendous amount of passion to review hundreds of pages of documents for one single case. When a client chooses to work with us, they’re getting a dedicated partner who will be their advocate during one of the most trying times of their life.



Principal & Founder
This article was written by Mark Sadaka, a seasoned trial lawyer in nationally significant cases. He fearlessly champions clients impacted by fatal or severe injuries caused by others or corporations. Renowned for his expertise in complex litigation, he's featured in books, sought after by media for interviews, and a highly sought speaker. Notably, he exclusively represents individuals facing life-changing injuries or substantial financial losses.

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