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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Buyers in South Korea File Class-Action Suit


It seems that every day, things just get worse and worse for Samsung.

Since the debacle of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the flagship phablet that had the propensity to explode, things have gotten increasingly worse for the South Korean company. Many Galaxy Note 7 handsets had issues due to a problem with their batteries. The company subsequently released supposedly “safe” replacements that were also determined to run the risk of exploding. As a result, the phones were recalled. The Federal Aviation Administration instituted a ban on all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets from being brought onto flights, as a well as a huge fine to those who attempted to smuggle it on planes.

In addition to those woes, there have also been reports of a few Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phones exploding, as well as the company’s top-loading washing machines having the same problem.

Samsung Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Samsung’s Home Country

Now, Samsung’s problems are only getting worse. It has been reported that 527 users of the Note 7 in the company’s own country of South Korea have filed a class action lawsuit against the company.

The plaintiffs are suing for a total of $500,000 won ($440 in USD) due to “time and effort lost” from the time when the phablets were first recalled.

The attorney for the plaintiffs, Ko Young-Yeel, stated that there are plans to file a lawsuit each month. Ko is from Harvest Law, a law firm based in Seoul. The lawsuit was filed with the Seoul Central District Court on Monday, October 24, 2016. It took only five days for the firm to see over 500 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners sign up to be a part of the Samsung class action lawsuit, according to Ko.

What Went Wrong with the Galaxy Note 7?

Back in September, the global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 was begun by Samsung after its newest flagship phablet had issues with exploding, catching on fire and causing burns and damage to property. The company began sending text messages to owners of the Note 7 in Korea, urging them to visit stores near them to exchange their devices for new phones. However, in spite of those messages, many owners of the phablet didn’t listen and opted to hold onto their devices.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

More recently, however, Samsung attempted to take even more drastic measures to stop people from using their Galaxy Note 7 phones. It released a software update that essentially crippled the smartphone to only 60 percent battery capacity. This was done largely because the explosion issue stems from the smartphone’s battery.

Ko said, “It takes time to just reinstall all the applications and set up logins again. Then, like a bolt from the blue, they say there is something wrong with the phones, again.”

Three owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 who are involved in the Samsung class action lawsuit claimed that their devices caught on fire. Ko asserted that his law firm would prepare a separate lawsuit for those individuals.

United States Class Action Lawsuit

The South Korean lawsuit comes only less than one week after another class action lawsuit against Samsung that was filed in the United States by three New Jersey residents. That lawsuit claims the plaintiffs are seeking damages as a result of “economic injuries” created by the recall of the Note 7.

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