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Product Recall Lawsuit Alleges Samsung Not Honoring Product Recall


Samsung has been in hot water over the past few months. First, it experienced huge embarrassment after it was forced to recall its latest flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 7, less than two months after it was released. This was due to a design flaw with the batteries that caused the phones to explode and catch on fire. Shortly after that debacle, there was another issue with the company’s top loading washing machines exploding, as well.

Samsung’s Top Loading Washing Machine Problem and Recall

Samsung issued a recall of around 2.8 million of the machines on November 4, 2016. The problem stemmed from the chassis of the washers detaching while in a wash cycle, which led to a situation where damage or injury could occur. Nine people were injured due to the issue and in total, there were 733 documented incidents of Samsung top loading washers having problems. The company requested that owners of the washing machine contact it for a rebate on a new machine, a refund if their machine was bought within 30 days of the recall or for repairs to be made in their homes, along with an extension of warranty.

Unfortunately, Samsung is not honoring the terms it issued to the people who purchased its top loading washing machines.

Lawsuit Alleges Samsung is Not Honoring Product Recall

A class action lawsuit was filed with the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma regarding the product recall of the Samsung top loading washing machines in question. The class action suit is in place on the behalf of consumers who purchased any one of the 34 models of washers that were recalled. These machines were manufactured between March 2011 and November 2016. The attorney for the case is requesting that a court order be given to Samsung so that the company can either replace the faulty parts of the machines or replace the washer completely free of charge. In addition, the lawyer is asking the court to prohibit Samsung from even continuing to manufacture its top loading washing machines altogether.

One of the plaintiffs in the class action product recall lawsuit, Jerry Wells, who lives in Oklahoma, stated that he made multiple attempts to get schedule a time for his Samsung washing machine to be repaired, but each time he had an appointment scheduled, no repair technician had ever shown up at his home to fix the machine. Other people made complaints through Consumer Affairs and left angry reviews reporting that Samsung refused to fulfill their end of the deal and would not issue a refund or make repairs to their washing machines.

Defective Product Lawsuits

A defective product is something that has a flaw either by design or manufacture that causes the product to not function properly, to not function at all or to have additional problems that carry some risks to people or belongings. If a product is rendered “defective,” it can potentially become hazardous to the person or people who own it and cause physical harm. In other cases, when a product is defective, it may not necessarily cause physical harm but can cause plenty of aggravation if it doesn’t work the way it is promised to.

If a person experiences injury due to a defective product, he or she has the right to sue for compensation. It is important to contact the right attorney to get help in their lawsuit so that they can be paid for their medical expenses, damages and pain and suffering.

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