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Surprising Products that Have Been Recalled


When a manufacturer discovers a defect or safety issue with a product it has placed on the market, one of the first things it does to limit liability is to issue a product recall. Recalls can be costly. Publicizing the recent product recalls to all the markets where the product was sold and handling the logistics of receiving and perhaps replacing or repairing the product add up. Although the manufacturer must pay for damages caused by the unsafe product, the real costs are born by a consumer who is injured as a result of using the product. The following are some recent product recalls according to information contained on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website,

Recent Product Recalls

Jane´ Strollers

These baby strollers were constructed in a manner that allows an infant to pass through the opening between the armrest and the seat bottom. A potential danger of choking may result.

Discount School Supply Crayons

The red crayons in this art set may contain shards of glass creating a danger of lacerations for the users.

Harbor Freight Tools Chainsaw

A defect in the power switch causes the saw to remain on despite efforts to turn it off. Over 1,000,000 of these chainsaws were sold in the U.S.

Illy 8.8 Ounce Whole Bean Coffee Can

Some of the cans are missing an air valve on the bottom of the container, which upon opening can cause the top to detach suddenly and become a projectile threatening the consumer’s safety.

HD Supply Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fan blades can snap off and become dangerous to consumers in the room.

Honeywell Hard Hats

Seemingly not hard enough, these hats fail to adequately protect wearers during impact.

Briggs & Stratton Surface Cleaners

These roaming robotic surface vacuum cleaners have a faulty spray bar that can detach and shatter, spewing pieces of metal throughout the room.

L.L. Bean Knife

This knife comes with a sheath; however the knife can cut through the sheath with normal usage, posing a danger of laceration.

Vornado Air Electric Space Heater

This heater overheats the space and can cause a fire hazard.

H-E-B Halogen Lightbulbs

These light bulbs pose a danger of shattering during normal operation, posing the potential for lacerations to the 2.5 million consumers who purchased the product.

Kidde Dual Sensor Smoke Alarms

In some of these smoke alarms, a cap was inadvertently left on one of the sensors during manufacturing. Failure to detect a smoke hazard affects over 450,000 consumers.

Handi Craft Dr. Brown’s Lovey Pacifier and Teether Holders

A plastic snap on the pacifier poses a risk of breaking off with the potential of choking the child.

Louis Garneau Bicycle Helmets

These helmets do not meet government standards for withstanding impact.

Cameron Company Children’s Tents

These tents, sold exclusively at Home Depot, have fiberglass poles supporting the structure that can break, posing a danger of splintering and the presence of a sharp object in the tent.

Amazon Portable Power Bank

This item may overheat causing fire and burn hazards.

First Aid Research Maximum Strength Bacitracin Plus Ointment with Lidocaine

Despite its labeling, the packaging is not childproof, and children may be injured by ingestion or simply by applying to the skin.

These are but a handful of recent product recalls during the first five months of 2018. If you or a loved one has been injured by use of a consumer product, you may have a right to compensation.



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