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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
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Motorcycle riding is more than just a means of transportation—it’s a lifestyle for many in Fort Lee. The freedom motorcyclists feel with the wind in their faces surpasses the possible dangers that come with this extreme hobby. Motorcycles make a fantastic second vehicle for enthusiasts because they are versatile vehicles.

The sad reality is motorcycle accidents are part of everyday life in Fort Lee. With so many distractions for drivers today, motorcyclists are even more likely to experience an accident at the hands of unaware drivers. Unlike cars, motorcyclists have minimal body protection from impact, aside from a helmet and protective bodysuits. Sadly, the absence of a physical barrier like a car can lead to severe injuries that can even be fatal for motorcyclists.

The Need for Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Fort Lee, NJ

While accidents are far too common, their effects don’t have to impact your life negatively forever. There are state laws in New Jersey to protect victims and make them whole again after a life-altering accident. At Sadaka Law, our knowledgeable team will gather the necessary information to support you and your family in a personal injury lawsuit.

In a motorcycle accident lawsuit, it isn’t just medical expenses that need compensation. The emotional damage and any lost earnings from being out of work due to the accident will be part of this compensation. The reliable staff at Sadaka Law will gladly answer any questions or concerns regarding your motorcycle accident to determine if a lawsuit is right for your case.

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Differences Between Car Accidents and Motorcycle Accidents

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New Jersey is notorious for its heavily congested roadways due to the large population living in this small state. With the hustle and bustle of New York City close by and those who commute there for work, the highways in Fort Lee can be hazardous for motorcyclists. Drivers should be aware of the several elements that can cause a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycles are aerodynamic and maneuver around more freely than cars. The absence of physical protection on a motorcycle makes drivers more vulnerable to accidents. Motorcycles also lack seatbelts, making them extremely dangerous for the driver in the event of a crash.

A skillful motorcyclist is in control of many factors while driving. One inadvertent hand motion can cause an accident, so drivers need to be aware of their surroundings. Carrying a motorcycle license entails additional skill than a driver’s license alone because of the potential dangers involved in riding.

For motorcyclists, their gear, such as their helmets and body armor, is the only protection from impact with the road or other vehicles. Choosing not to wear protective gear is extremely risky because it increases the chance of severe injury. You won’t have much of a case if you are responsible for your injuries because you chose not to wear protective gear.

Physically protecting yourself is critical not only because it’s the law and will keep you safe but also because a jury usually decides who is responsible for a motor vehicle accident. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Fort Lee, New Jersey, can help you determine if you have a solid case in the event of an accident. There are many elements that the motorcyclist has no control over that contribute significantly to dangerous crashes.

With so many smartphones and even smart cars on the roads today, drivers are more inattentive than ever. The list of distractions is ever-growing, making roads even more hazardous for drivers. Motorcyclists need to be especially alert to avoid being hit by distracted or even drunk drivers.

In addition, a motorcycle requires more time to react to sudden movements made by cars but often responds quickly, resulting in an overcorrection or an accident. If vehicles follow motorcycles too closely without enough room, they can rear-end them. Being hit from behind isn’t usually serious in a car but can be deadly on a motorcycle.

At Sadaka Law, our caring Fort Lee personal injury lawyers are ready to help build your case to make you whole again. Our New Jersey firm services are in Forth Lee, Hackensack, Englewood, and Bergen County. Contact our Fort Lee office for a free consultation today to help determine the at-fault party in an auto accident.

How Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Sadaka Law Can Help You

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Each Sadaka Law motorcycle accident lawyer in Fort Lee, New Jersey, has the knowledge of hundreds of cases under their belts. We work with you by handling the stressful parts of the case while you focus on recovering and healing.

Our lawyers will work for you to gather information about your case, including:

  • Acquiring and reviewing police reports of the accident
  • Specifying legal issues
  • Handling statements from accident witnesses
  • Locating and providing photographic evidence of the accident
  • Reviewing and analyzing the video footage of the accident
  • Hire experts specializing in motorcycle accident reconstruction
  • Obtaining traffic light data and relevant computer records
  • Communicating and negotiating with your insurance company and the insurance of the at-fault party
  • Getting medical records and bills for medical expenses

Gathering all the information allows our lawyers to process your case further to determine if you can recover damages. Damages in personal injury cases include paid and suffering fees, emotional damages, medical bills, and lost wages.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Motorcycle coverage is crucial for motorcyclists to consider when purchasing vehicle insurance. In Bergen County, motorcyclists are often underinsured and cannot afford medical care after an accident. Injuries are often severe due to the lack of protection a motorcycle has.

As a motorcyclist, you should consider purchasing underinsured motorist coverage to supplement medical expenses if a driver hits you and doesn’t have adequate coverage. Underinsured motorist coverage provides you with the additional funds you need to cover those costs not covered through your insurance alone. In New Jersey, each driver must have adequate insurance to cover personal injuries.

Truck and car drivers need $15,000 in coverage for each person for bodily injury. A motorcyclist also needs to have this coverage to comply with state laws. If an accident is severe, medical expenses can exceed $15,000 rapidly, making underinsured motorist coverage crucial to pay these bills.

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 80% of motorcycle accidents result in severe injury or are fatal. This statistic is far too great, and the number of motorcycle accidents is only going up. The number of distractions for drivers on the road today is alarming, and the best protection from harm is always being aware of your surroundings.

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To comprehend how to move forward with your personal injury lawsuit, our professional group located in Fort Lee, New Jersey, will work directly with you to make it simple. There is a statute of limitations for motorcycle accidents of two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. Gathering the necessary information, such as police reports and interviewing witnesses, is time-consuming, so act fast.

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