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Have you or a loved one sustained a severe injury due to a negligent third party? Do you need somewhere to turn for qualified help in your time of need? Then, you’re in the right place.

At Sadaka Law, we’re home to some of the most experienced personal injury attorneys in Hackensack, NJ. We’ve seen it before, whether you’re dealing with wrongful death, a tragic car accident, or a motorcycle accident we’re ready to go to bat for you in court. Getting help as soon as possible often will yield a smoother process while building you a case.

We offer 100% free initial consultations to give you the information you need to attempt compensation. We operate like many law offices in the state in that we work on a contingency basis—if you don’t get paid, we don’t either. For that reason, you can rest assured that we will fight aggressively to help you with your case.

Because the attorneys at Sadaka Law focus primarily on accident and injury cases, you can expect a team with years of experience in the area who already know how to structure a successful claim.

Personal injury can harm you, your property, your rights, and even your reputation. Likewise, we know personal injury cases and recovery can be stressful, and we expend every effort to make you feel comfortable. Read on to learn more about hiring a personal injury attorney in Hackensack, NJ, and how doing so can significantly increase your chances of winning your case.

How To Determine Personal Injury

Let’s start with the basics. Along with the statute of limitations, the plaintiff must prove the following to initiate a personal injury case successfully:

  •       Duty of care
  •       Breaching this duty
  •       The breaching led to injury
  •       Damages (financial and not) sustained because of the injury

Common Personal Injury Claims We Handle

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Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Often, if you find yourself in a tractor-trailer accident, investigators might attempt to prevent insurance companies from covering your medical expenses. With a personal injury attorney in Hackensack, NJ, at your side, we will try to attain the highest compensation for your injuries while upholding your legal rights.

Car Accidents

Millions of car accidents occur each year in the United States, making them one of the more common personal injury cases we handle. In many cases, the accident resulted from distracted driving, drunk driving, drowsy driving, or other negligence. In these instances, we can quickly build a case to try and cover your medical expenses.

Fatal Car Accidents

Losing a loved one in a car accident is devastating to all they left behind. Like car accidents that result in injuries, you can go after a party whose negligence caused the death. Reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney in Hackensack, NJ, today to see your options.

Uninsured/Underinsured Drivers

Uninsured drivers pose issues, as you might not be able to go after them for fair compensation. At the very least, the process can become complicated.

Bike and Pedestrian Accidents

Hundreds of people die or become injured each year while crossing crosswalks. You have the right of way as a pedestrian or cyclist in many instances, and motor vehicle drivers must yield to you and share the road. As these cases often amount to rules of the road, an attorney might have an easier time building a case.

Train Accidents

As trains are powerful machines, a derailment or other railroad accident can be devastating, leading to hundreds of casualties or personal injuries. If you or a loved one were injured in a train accident, you could go after numerous parties involved for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Dog Bites

Our personal injury attorneys in Hackensack, NJ, have experience handling dog bite cases. In these cases, you’ll typically go after the dog’s owner, proving negligence due to improper training, that they had their dog improperly restrained, or that their yard’s enclosure did not prevent the dog from escaping and attacking you.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Whether on the job or in the grocery store, slip and fall accidents can seriously damage a person and their extremities. For older people, falls can be fatal, especially if they land on their heads. You can hire a personal injury attorney in Hackensack, NJ, to help you seek medical, lost wages, and pain and suffering compensation regardless of your situation.

These injuries and dog bites often fall under “premises liability,” an area all our attorneys deal with frequently.


A chemical burn, welding burn, electric shock, or explosion can significantly disfigure a person and even render them handicapped. You may be entitled to file a personal injury claim against the responsible party for your painful and life-altering experience.

Steps To Take After Becoming Injured

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You understandably might be shaken by the event—in shock, even. You might even be in a hospital bed now, unable to work and looking for a solution. While you might not initially think of a lawyer in this instance, getting the right help can significantly lessen your burden.

Get a copy of the police report, the at-fault party’s insurance and identification, and keep records of other interactions. Regardless of your personal assessment after the accident, you should seek medical help immediately to ensure no internal damage occurs. People often shrug off a crash only to realize months or years later that they sustained severe brain damage.

Depending on the type of accident, prepare a detailed list covering the timeline of events and what was involved (i.e., cars, a dog, a slippery floor, an unmarked height, etc.). Get the contact information for the person you want to accuse.

In most cases, it’s in your best interest to let your personal injury attorney in Hackensack, NJ, communicate between the parties and insurance companies. Despite their advertisements, insurance adjusters are not on your side, and we can keep them from taking advantage of you in your vulnerable time.

Our Process

After determining the cause of the accident that led to severe injury or death, our investigative team prioritizes liability. Contrary to popular belief, proving liability is not straightforward, even if you know exactly who was at fault. For this reason, we approach the situation aggressively, targeting anyone at any organization responsible for your situation.

Likewise, while you should let us do the heavy lifting, this process requires collaboration. We’ll need your honest recollection of events, records, and cooperation to build the best case possible.

We have extensive experience representing clients like you, helping them navigate the process and seek compensation that could drastically change their recoveries.

If all goes well, we will work with you to either settle with the defendant in court or out, depending on what we believe we can get monetarily.

Final Thoughts

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As long as you’re proactive and take a thorough account of the details, we can take your case and aggressively chase compensation for all your hardship. Take the time you need to recover, but don’t forget that time is of the essence. The sooner you seek help, the sooner you can get help.

Get an experienced personal injury attorney in Hackensack, NJ, on your side. Protect your rights and fight for the compensation you need for a straightforward recovery. Contact Sadaka Law at 1-800-810-3457 or complete our online contact form.



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This article was written by Mark Sadaka, a seasoned trial lawyer in nationally significant cases. He fearlessly champions clients impacted by fatal or severe injuries caused by others or corporations. Renowned for his expertise in complex litigation, he's featured in books, sought after by media for interviews, and a highly sought speaker. Notably, he exclusively represents individuals facing life-changing injuries or substantial financial losses.

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