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What is BPA? Exposure During Pregnancy Linked To Lung Problems In Children

what is bpaAccording to a recent study children of women exposed to the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) during pregnancy may be at an increased risk of lung problems.

What is BPA?

BPA is chemical that has been used to harden plastics for more than 40 years.  This chemical has been used in medical devices, compact discs, dental sealants, water bottles, the lining of canned foods and drinks among other products.

More than 90 percent of us have BPA in our bodies. We get most of it by eating foods that have been in containers made with BPA. Nonetheless, it is also possible to pick up BPA through air, dust, and water.

BPA was common is baby bottles, sippy cups, baby formula cans and other products for babies and young children. However, due to controversy, six major companies that used BPA in baby products have stopped.

According to the FDA, BPA was considered safe until 2010 when the agency altered its position. Now the FDA suggests that current low levels of human exposure to BPA are safe, but still express some concern based on the evidence of animal testing. Some of the potential effects BPA has on humans and animals include the following:

  • Brain
  • Behavior
  • Prostate Glands in fetuses
  • Infants
  • Young children

Exposure To BPA While Pregnant

Children of women exposed to the chemical during pregnancy may be at an increased risk of lung problems.

According to a new study, researchers looked at almost 400 mother-infant pairs and examined the concentration of the chemical in their urine and also assessed the childrens’ lungs and whether they developed wheezing by age 5.

To measure lung heath researchers measured the amount of air they exhaled during the first second of exhalation. Researchers found that every tenfold  increase in the average of BPA concentration in the mothers urine corresponded to a 14.2 percent decrease in the child’s lung function at age 4, but not age 5.

The study author, Dr. Adam J. Spainer, of the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, says “Our results support the conclusion that BPA exposure during pregnancy is associated with persistent wheezing in children and may have a negative health effect on lung function. ”

More BPA Risks  

BPA could effect the body in numerous ways.  Some areas of concern include the following:

  • Hormone risks
  • Brain and Behavior Problems
  • Cancer
  • Heart problems

Experts have also made other connections with BPA exposure and other conditions such as:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • ADHD

However, the evidence is not strong enough to show a link.



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