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A hazardous chemical is any chemical or mixture that may be harmful to the environment and to human health if inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through the skin. Because injuries caused by exposure to hazardous chemicals often do not surface until years, or even decades, after exposure, such cases can be difficult to prove.

Sadaka Associates has experience handling injuries as the result of exposure to hazardous chemicals, including brain damage due to lead paint, and deadly skin conditions like Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

Did you know?

Even when used properly, many chemicals can still cause injury.

Our bodies are sensitive and exposure to hazardous chemicals can cause serious injury. Paints containing lead or other heavy metals, contaminated water, asbestos breathed into the lungs, and hundreds of other exposures to hazardous chemicals can cause serious injury, including bleeding, brain damage, cancer, nerve damage, paralysis, and death.

Exposure to hazardous chemicals occurs at home, work, or through contaminated food or water. Famously, residents near the military base, Camp Lejeune, developed symptoms of benzene poisoning. Experts later found that the base had leached dangerous organic chemicals into the local aquifer.

Lawsuits involving Injuries caused by exposure to hazardous chemicals are complicated and challenging

Even though the link between your exposure to a hazardous chemical and the development of symptoms may seem obvious, the longer the duration between the exposure and onset of symptoms, the more challenging the case will be. Lawsuits involving exposure to hazardous chemicals often involve a large number of defendants, including site owners, material handlers, engineers, and corporate entities ultimately responsible for the product, property or service that caused the problem.

In some cases, exposure to hazardous chemicals immediately causes injury. For example, a worker who spills hydrochloric acid on her hands will immediately suffer severe burns. However, the awful consequences of exposure to hazardous chemicals can take many months or even years to manifest. For example, individuals exposed to toxic amounts of lead (through lead paint chips) and asbestos (a very fine-fibered mineral used in old buildings) may not show any symptoms of injury for decades.

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